Fender Stratocaster (Squire, Custom)
Pawnshop Stratocaster (1992)
Fender Telecaster (2)
Fender Telecaster Squire Bullet
Fender Telecaster 1951 BlackGuard (Custom Shop)
Wolf Telecaster (Custom)
Epiphone Les Paul Studio

Tons of pedals and effects

Keys and Controllers:

Yamaha Motif ES8
Akai MPK49
M-Audio O2
M-Audio Axiom Air 32 Mini
Ableton Push
Numark Mixdeck
Stanton Turntables with Numark X6 Mixer

Guitar Amps and Cabinets:

PWE - Particle Smasher 50 watt tube head
PWE - Single 12 matching Cabinet
Jet City - 22VH 50 watt tube head
Jet City - 4x12 cabinet
VOX - VT40+
Fender - FM65r
Behringer - Firebird gx108
Line 6 - Flextone Plus
Hartke 150 combo bass amp


Premiere Birch recording series drums kit
Soultone Cymbals
Zildjian Cymbals
Paiste Cymbals


Washburn 5 string
Fender Precision Bass