Our new and improved website

site shot

ES Audio is proud to introduce our new and improved website!

Thanks in part to Apple for helping to make the decision to get it done by not supporting our old program that we were using for our website building and maintenance, we think the new site is better than ever! Drop us note in the comments here and let us know what you think. Only if it's good though, right?

Stay tuned as we adjust and tweek things to get things where we like it with the new digs.

The new site is also way more social network friendly in that as we make changes here, it also updates our social sites and vice-verse. This will be very cool as we are always updating and keeping the socialites up to date in real time.

Be sure to go to our Facebook and Twitter and such and like and share and comment all you want. We enjoy sharing our studio with you guys and can't wait to see how you like the new site!

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