It's official!

818 Records and Bitcrush Records are now

"Vinyl Soul Records"

Representing the Soul of Your Music and The Music of Your Soul

Still the same great people and music that you know and love. Just more available. And not so "Seemingly Genre Specific". The new label plans to focus on organic, "Real" music of today and yesterday and tomorrow. Awesome Rock, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Country and Rap - HipHop or Pop. Maybe even some Celtic. As long as it's real and feels good. Right?

Look for some new releases soon as well as some old stuff from 818 and BitCrush re-branded as Vinyl Soul.

Also, look for instrumentals that will be available for lease or purchase from the website for you to write to and release on your own. We have a team of fresh, new producers working constantly to bring you beats in every genre. And we still your have your favorite "Parody songs" available in any genre as well.

Call us with any suggestions or to drop us an email to just say hello.

Stay in touch and look for some great music to be a part of in 2015 - This is your year!

Call us at 818-505-1007
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