Back to work!

The holidays are over. Time to put the Charlie Brown tree back in the box for another year. Try not to get too mad about the credit card bills that are sure to show up in the next few weeks, (Love you, honey).

But, We have awards season to look forward to and NAMM ( Yup! ) and then of course, warmer weather ( I imagine it can't get much colder in LA than it has been ).

Check out the NEW YEAR specials we are offering in our Studio "B" -

Only $35 per hour including an engineer - If you don't need an engineer you can get in for only $25 per hour. I know you're saying to yourself, "Wow" "That sounds great. How do I get in to take advantage of this awesome special?"

Try this form and we will get you booked in - It's that easy. Or just call us. We can do that too.

(818) 505-1007

See you soon! And, Happy New Year!

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