A new and Improved Studio B

We've just completed work on the New & Improved Studio B and it's ready for your next session!

We completely redesigned and rebuilt everything. We were sad to see the Tascam go to a new home. But, the A&H is bigger and has more routing possibilities for the mix. Things sound even better than before due to the new Apollo 8P and Audient ASP800 mic pre amps and converters. 

Still rockin' the awesome Pro Tools 12HD system. Complete with Logic and Ableton for our producer friends to get work done as well. 

The best part is - The rates will stay the same! Yup. That's right. Still the great rate of only $35 per hour. Call today to get on the schedule and try out the new and improved Studio B!

We look forward to having you in soon! Call today (818) 505-1007

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